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Survival & Self-Defense SHARK Karambit
The steel edge for your hand!

For tactical and personal defense

SHARK Karambit- developed by security experts in the USA, France and Israel - produced with pride in Europe. Seriously UPGRADE your SELF-DEFENSE!


The new SHARK Karambit is an awsome, safe, legal and effective tool for survival and self-defense. It has been developed by undercover agents and close protection experts and is an ideal concept for tactical use - security agents, military, security operators etc. The KARAMBIT is a highly effective knife-type from Southeast Asia; find out more about karambits here The SHARK karambit is a special design in order to optimize the use of the karambit for LEGAL and DEFENSIVE purposes - design registered at patent authority in Germany. SHARK-Infos auf Deutsch...

SHARK karambit

SHARK karambit Survival & Defense Tool

Because you don't know if you're gonna get a SECOND CHANCE:

  • Shark karambit


    We believe the SHARK Karambit is the perfect knife for your self-defense: it is lightning fast, highly effective and can be combined with any fighting system.

  • Shark karambit

    Extremely Versatile

    The Shark allows you to block, stab, slash, cut, saw, hold and pin down, grab, hack, strike, and you can even throw it with great accuracy. Use it tactically, in survival situations, and for personal defense.

  • Sharkkarambit


    Since the SHARK has been designed for DEFENSIVE purposes, and since it can do much more that just stab or cut, it can be used for legal self-defense.

    More about Malak Kali blade fighting here

Optimize your self-defense abilities

The SHARK karambit will give your hand an INSTANT STEEL EDGE... just imagine the blocks you use to stop an attacker but with a razorsharp steel edge! The SHARK will definitely stop an attacker in his tracks...More videos and pics on Facebook...


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SHARK training

Make the SHARK karambit your no.1 defense tool and/or backup weapon. We offer you top-of-the-shelf training - from beginner up to instructor level. If you want high-grade training in the use of this awesome defensive tool, or if you'd like to organize seminars with us at your town or school, contact us any time!

Do you run a self-defense school or are you selling self-defense equipment?

The SHARK karambit will be a great addition to what you are offering your clients now. We welcome inquiries by partners, schools, retailers, online shops etc. Do contact us any time.

The SHARK team

says THANK YOU for your interest!

We are convinced, if you are interested in the best possible self-defense, that the SHARK Karambit will LITERALLY GIVE YOU AN EDGE... - in fact: an EDGE OF STEEL for your hand.

The SHARK is the perfect device for your tactical close combat, as well as for personal defense. Anyone can use it as it is totally intuitive. Men and women alike will be able to defend themselves safe, efficient, and legally sound - against armed and unarmed attackers. The SHARK is inconspicuous, lightweight, can be carried all day long.



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SHARK-Infos auf Deutsch...


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